Who are we?

Organizing from the Greater Boston area, we are transplants and townies, immigrants and lifelong residents.

We are engineers, entrepreneurs, product designers, developers, writers, artists, and civil servants. Our range of experience includes technology startups, construction and engineering management, brand marketing, and corporate operations. Some of us have run for office, seeking to improve the lives of citizens, and others have run from office, traveling the world to better understand the rich histories of humankind. 

Some of us have had to self-quarantine due to business, both local and abroad. Some of us have loved ones working on the front lines as physicians and grocery cashiers. All of us are affected and we believe the best response is to band together and take action.

Our Ambition

The effort behind COVIDConnect stems from this single question: How can I help? 

At a time when the best advice is to stay home, at a time when shutdowns threaten to leave people out in the cold, at a time when the most vulnerable may be the least empowered, how can we make a positive difference?

Our goal is to address these challenges by bridging people in need to healthy volunteers through organizations built to support those in need. Our dream is to build a social service that will empower citizens and organizations to more effectively help one another.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide people to the help they need while also facilitating those who are eager to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With no one left behind or forgotten, we want community members to find comfortable and safe ways to contribute. Furthermore, we hope to bolster organizations best equipped to make an impact in these uncertain times.

Why Boston?

We are starting off in the Greater Boston area because this has been a home for each of us. We are working diligently around the clock to expand our network and intend to spread nationwide in the coming weeks. Wherever you call home, you can make a difference in the lives around you.